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Sun 29 November , 2015

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We are committed to being the most professional  Wholesaler for paper lanterns.....

We are a professional decorations's manufacturer, our factory was established in 1993, since 1999 we began produce in paper decorations, the main products include: paper lanterns, led paper lanterns, chinese paper lanterns,nylon lanterns, tissue pom poms, accordion lanterns, paper parasols, LED lights and more tnan 2000 products. In 2011 we first try wholesale by direct on the Internet, Remove redundant procedures and decrease the cost. improve product competitiveness, we proved it is very correct, now more and more customers order from us, the sales also constantly improve. By exploring four years, combined with the different needs of guests from countries, we summed up a scheme to help our customers improve performance measures, Everyone know a truth, business from small to large, the beginning do not have a lot of funds, but how to succeed? If you want to start your own shop or replace the original supplier or already are our customer, where we summarize the four steps for you choice to order:

1) For New's store or first order with us, selected a few of the best sale products to test marketing first. mixed colors available

 go to: Test market products-For own new store  (free shipping)




2) already are our customer, Extended Product Category or replenishment by MOQ or Whole box 

 go to: Wholsale by MOQ



3) you are a big shop, need to reduce costs more, to expand market share.



 go to: Large wholesale 


4) you are already a market leader, want distribution and wholesale in local.


go to: Trade & Distribution



Practice has proved that as according to the above steps to development, have grown fast, so if you agree with our Scheme, please according to own State choice to place order, Good luck with your business!





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